JavaTM Architecture for XML Binding

Specification Version: 2.0
Reference Implementation (RI) Version: 2.0 ea3

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The JAXB 2.0 RI is a major reimplementation to meet the requirements of the 2.0 specification.

Please refer to the JAXB 1.0.x changelog for older releases.

Notable Changes between 2.0 Early Access 2 and 2.0 Early Access 3

  • Map property can be now correctly bound to XML Schema
  • Default marshaller error handling behavior became draconian (previously errors were ignored.)
  • @link to a parameterized type is now correctly generated
  • started producing architecture document for those who want to build plugins or play with the RI internal.
  • XJC now uses the platform default proxy setting by default.
  • @XmlAccessorOrder, @XmlSchemaType and @XmlInlineBinaryData are implemented
  • @XmlJavaTypeAdapter on a class/package is implemented
  • Marshaller life-cycle events are implemented
  • Integration to FastInfoset is improved in terms of performance
  • XJC can generate @Generated
  • The unmarshaller is significantly rewritten for better performance
  • Added schemagen tool and its Ant task
  • Various improvements in error reporting during unmarshalling/marshalling
  • JAXB RI is now under CDDL

Notable Changes between 2.0 Early Access and 2.0 Early Access 2

  • The default for @XmlAccessorType was changed to PUBLIC_MEMBER
  • Optimized binary data handling enabled by callbacks in package javax.xml.bind.attachment. Standards supported include MTOM/XOP and WS-I AP 1.0 ref:swaRef.
  • Unmarshal/marshal support of element defaulting
  • Improved the quality of the generated Java code
  • Fixed bugs in default value handling
  • Runtime performance improvements, memory usage improvements
  • Added support for <xjc:superInterface> vendor extension
  • Migrated source code to
  • Published NetBeans project file for JAXB RI
  • Added more support to the schema generator: anonymous complex types, attribute refs, ID/IDREF, etc
  • Implemented javax.xml.bind.Binder support (not 100% done yet)
  • Implemented marshal-time validation
  • Improved xjc command line interface - better support for proxy options, more options for specifying schema files
  • Added schema-2-Java support for simple type substitution
  • Added support for the new <jaxb:globalBindings localScoping="nested" | "toplevel"> customization which helps control deeply nested classes
  • Made the default ValidationEventHandler more forgiving in 2.0 than it was in 1.0 (The class still behaves the same as it did when used by a 1.0 app)
  • Added wildcard support for DTD
  • Numerous other small changes and bugfixes....

Notable Changes between 1.0.x FCS and 2.0 Early Access

  • Support for 100% W3C XML Schema (not all in EA, but planned for FCS)
  • Support for binding Java to XML
  • Addition of javax.xml.bind.annotation package for controling the binding from Java to XML
  • Significant reduction in the number of generated schema-derived classes
    • Per complex type definition, generate one value class instead of an interface and implementation class.
    • Per global element declaration, generate a factory method instead of generating a schema-derived interface and implementation class.
  • Replaced the validation capabilities in 1.0 with JAXP 1.3 validation API's
  • Smaller runtime libraries
  • Numerous other changes...
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