6.1. Invoking schemagen programatically

Schemagen tools by default come in as CLI, ant task, and Maven plugin. These interfaces allow you to invoke schemagen functionality from your program.

6.1.1. At runtime

If the classes you'd like to generate schema from are already available as java.lang.Class objects (meaning they are already loaded and resolved in the current JVM), then the easiest way to generate a schema is to use the JAXB API:

Generate schema at runtime

File baseDir = new File(".");

class MySchemaOutputResolver extends SchemaOutputResolver {
    public Result createOutput( String namespaceUri, String suggestedFileName ) throws IOException {
        return new StreamResult(new File(baseDir,suggestedFileName));

JAXBContext context = JAXBContext.newInstance(Foo.class, Bar.class, ...);
context.generateSchema(new MySchemaOutputResolver());

6.1.2. CLI interface

The CLI interface (public static int com.sun.tools.jxc.SchemaGenerator.run(String[])) is the easiest API to access. You can pass in all the schemagen command-line arguments as a string array, and get the exit code as an int value. Messages are sent to System.err and System.out.

6.1.3. Ant interface

Ant task can be invoked very easily from a non-Ant program. The schemagen ant task is defined in the SchemaGenTask class,

For more about invoking an Ant task programatically, see the article "Keep the Ant, Hold the XML".

6.1.4. Native Java API

The above two interfaces are built on top of externally committed contracts, so they'll evolve only in a compatibile way. The downside is that the amount of control you can exercise over them would be limited.

So yet another approach to invoke schemagen is to use JAXB RI's internal interfaces. But be warned that those interfaces are subject to change in the future versions, despite our best effort to preserve them. This is the API that the JAX-WS RI uses to generate schema inside WSDL when they generate WSDL, so does some other web services toolkits that work with the JAXB RI.

Most of those interfaces are defined and well-documented in the com.sun.tools.xjc.api package. You can see how the schemagen tools are eventually calling into this API at the implementaion of SchemaGenerator class.

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