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8.5. Contributing to this Guide

This document is maintained by people in the community. If you'd like to have the edit access to this document, please let us know so that we can discuss it.

The master source of this document is written in HTML + a set of custom tags. The use of custom tags allow us to ensure a consistent look&feel, and take care of other mandane tasks like assigning chapter/section numbers and generating permalinks. The technology is based on Jelly, so more custom tags can be added to perform additional processing and the possibility is endless.

Once you have the commit access, you can update the documents and run the build script to generate the final HTMLs to verify the result. When you feel satisfied, commit the changes. The repository is polled every hour, so your change will be eventually picked up and published, but you can also force the update by sending an e-mail to hudson-jaxb-unofficial-guide at

The general mode of operation is that: